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PT. Lumbung Teknologi Envirotama (LTE) is a subsidiary of PT. Enviromate Technology International (ETI). ETI business segments include CNG, LNG, LPG, Gas treatment, gas trading, Mini Hydro power plant development, Independent Power Plan, BIOMASS, Gravel and Sand Supply, Creative Parking for Motorcycles, Hazardous / B3 Waste Solutions, Waste water treatment, and partners for various international products. In order to be focused on the Waste Management Industries in the scope of Business to Business, Lumbung Teknologi Envirotama (LTE) therefore was established in 2013 aim to provide the best environmental solution for client's business and help all clients to achieve the higher productivity of waste management process by increasing the efficiency, especially from the environmental aspect.

LTE is also the sole agent of various well renowned brands, such as Aquarator (Submerged Mechanical Aerator / Afitator for Wastewater Treatment Plant), Trunz (Complete, compact and independent water maker to produce drinking water), Fatbusta (Automatic removal fats, oils, and grease), Matten (Water Treatment Sytem / Reverse Osmosis), Aquaguard (The submerged Mechanical Aerator / Afitator for Wastewater Treatment Plant), WDT Granudos (The continuous and controlled dosing of the chemicals & pH‐correction), and Polarchem Kingdream (Cleaning and Chemical Treatment). Despite LTE is an Engineering, Procurement, Construction Company (EPC) that process domestic and industrial waste supported by the best and latest technologies.

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Suriyanto, B.Com., MTM.
Suriyanto, B.Com., MTM. Managing Director
Afin Mauchant, SE.
Afin Mauchant, SE. Director
Wardi Akmal, ST.
Wardi Akmal, ST. Technical Manager
Salim Mualim, ST.
Salim Mualim, ST. Marketing
Ario Saloko, SE
Ario Saloko, SE Marketing
Ridwan S. Raya, ST.
Ridwan S. Raya, ST. Marketing