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Customized Oil Spill Response Solutions

  • SPECIALITIES: Customized Oil Spill Response Solutions
  • Category: Water Quality
  • Technical Details:
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Product Detail


  • Scope:
    Aqua-Guard designs and manufactures the best available oil spill containment, recovery and transfer equipment in the world from its Canadian headquarters in North Vancouver, British Columbia. Partnership with ISO authorized manufacturers throughout North America and Asia allow Aqua-Guard to offer quality fabrication and assembly closer to the deliver destination
  • Model 1:
    RBS TRITON™ 150 & 300 OIL SKIMMING SYSTEM (offer the unique ability to be able to recover virtually any type of oil that will flow. In this process Aqua-Guard has spend many years in development and now have a patent on this technology. Brush Recovery Modules are used for the recovery of heavy to medium viscosity oils. Our Disc and Drum Recovery Modules are Designed for the recovery of medium to light viscosity oils. These Recovery Modules can be interchanged in less than Five minutes)
  • Features:
    1. Proven in hundreds of actual oil spill and industrial sites world-wide
    2. Patented technology (RBS TRITON™ U.S. 7,303,688)
    3. Witnessed oil recovery rates and efficiencies tested with DNV and ABS to ASTM standards
    4. Up to 98% oil to water recovery efficiency reducing storage volume requirements
    5. Versatile recovery modules. Brush/Disc/Drum can be interchanged in less than 5 minutes
    6. 300% more effective than previous RBS skimming technology
    7. Mobile and trailer mountable
  • Advantages:
    1. High oil recovery rates 98% efficiency
    2. Patented technology (U.S. Patent 7,303,688)
    3. Certified recovery rates
    4. Versatile, Brush/Disc/Drum can be interchanged in less than 5 minutes
    5. Easily assembled, operated and maintained
    6. All marine grade alumunium and stainless stell construction
    7. Pump can be used as an independent transfer pump
    8. Each Aqua-Guard Rotating Brush Skimmer consists of the following:
      • A free-floating Brush skimmer head c/w internal positive displacement lobe pump
      • Transfer and hydraulic hose set
      • Diesel/Hydraulic Power pack