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The Aquarator® is the original aerator and agitator and it is also the pinnacle of the technology. The advantage of Aquarator® are Realization of extremely high energy efficiency, Easy maintenanceEasy maintenance, Accommodates various processing methods and No clogging

  • SPECIALITIES: Submerged Mechanical Aerator / Afitator for Wastewater Treatment Plant
  • Category: Water Treatment Plant
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Product Detail


The Aquarator® is the original aerator and agitator and it is also the pinnacle of the technology. Since the invention of the world’s first, energy conserving aerating/agitatingequipment in 1975, has continued to provide technological innovations to pioneer a new future for people and water. The Aquarator® is the embodiment of these ideas and technology at their highest levels.

By separating the powering air and aeration/ agitation to create rational submerged equipment, energy efficiency is drastically increased by being able to arbitrarily control both functions at the same time, or each function separately.

Due to its simple design, maintenance can be performed on-site. This also dramatically decreases the time required for maintenance. In addition, because the Aquarator® is simply placed along a guide pipe, water draining is not required when installing or removing the Aquarator®.

By separating power sources, the Aquarator® can act as a submerged agitator for both aerobic and anaerobic agitation, as well as accommodating various processing methods such as aerobic and anaerobic activated sludge process. Reliable solid-liquid separation in the final sedimentation tank can be performed. *The Aquarator® can accommodate standard activated sludge process, multi-stage aerobic and anaerobic process, batch-wise activated sludge process, air lift circulating nitrification/denitrification process, intermittent prolonged aeration process, as well as deep tanks and modifications to the installed tank.

Age related deterioration is eliminated by using ENGINEERING’s proprietary Air Dispersing Rotor with an air miniaturization mechanism that doesn’t clog. This provides stable functioning over a long service life.