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Since its establishment in the Philippines back in 1999, Matten Technologies, Inc. has remained focused and committed to providing its customers technically and economically sound water treatment solutions. Among these are the design and installation of systems that allow for the purification of raw water for a variety of purposes.

  • SPECIALITIES: Water Treatment Sytem / Reverse Osmosis
  • Category: Waste Management System
Product Detail


Manufacture and distribution of our range of standard, modular and packaged water treatment systems for Ultrafiltration (UF), Reverse Osmosis (RO) and Ion-exchange (IX)/ Demineralization processes and applications, among other systems

We have established teams in a whole spectrum of technical expertise and experiences on process and technical designs, engineering specifications, R&D, fabrication and production, electrical works, programming, installation, testing and commissioning, trouble-shooting and post-sale maintenance services, etc.

All our systems are largely manufactured and integrated at our factory in Singapore, and they are subject to performance tests and certification by external independent R&D/Innovation institutions. We also placed a stringent quality assurance process and our systems are subject to vigorous Factory Acceptance Tests (FAT) prior to delivery.

Our systems are distributed to the end-user clients directly through our own subsidiaries or affiliated companies or indirectly through our extensive network of distributors/agents in the region.

  • Series:
    1. M. UF-Series (Ultra Filtration)
    2. M.RO-Series (Reverse Osmosis)
    3. M.IX-Series (Ion-Exchange / Demineralization)
  • Model of M.UF:
    1. M.UF GWS (Grey Water System)
    2. M,UF-CWS (City Water System)
    3. M.UF-NWS (Natural Water System)
    4. M.UF-SWS (Seawater System)
    5. M. UF-WRS (Wastewqater Recycling Sytem)
    6. M. UF-MBR (Membrane Bioreactor System)
  • Model of M.RO-Series (Reverse Osmosis):
    1. M.RO-MH (Mid-High Rejection Series)
    2. M.RO-HR (High-Rejection Industrial Series)
    3. M.RO-SW (Seawater Desalination Series)
  • Model of M.IX-Series (Ion-exchange / Demineralization):
    1. M.IX- SMP[ Simplex Softener System ]
    2. M.IX-DTA[ Duplex Twin Alternating System ]
    3. M.IX-2BD[ 2-Bed Demineralization System ]
    4. M.IX-SDI [ Super Deionizer System ]

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